Flamenco Guitar – Foundation Course

This course is aimed at students who already have some experience playing the guitar. You do not need any prior knowledge of flamenco guitar music, but to attend the course you should be familiar with the instrument. You will have listened to flamenco music and you are now committed to learning new guitar skills and developing a feel for compás. If you are unsure whether this course is suitable for your level, then you may wish to book an advisory audition (see FAQ).

Course Details

Course Code FFC
Start Date Tuesday, 26 September 2023, 19:00 BST
Duration 9 Months
End Date Tuesday, 18 June 2024
Audition Not required
Lessons 36
Hours of Tuition 54
Practice Time 5.5 hours per week (includes 1.5 hours online)
Location Online via Zoom
Price £495.00 (payable in nine monthly installments)


The flamenco foundation course is entirely based on the original preparatory training course (Vooropleiding) at Rotterdams Conservatorium. On this course you will have access to some of the study materials from the original course; along with transcriptions from a variety of sources, including some of my own falsetas and arrangements. Much of the material has either never appeared in print or appears in tablature for the first time.

Every attempt has been made to include as many aspects of the original conservatory course as possible, including the most essential theory and rhythmic training. Other academic subjects will be offered as separate courses (as and when available) with a 25% discount for students who are on the foundation course. These extra classes will be entirely optional. For example: reading notes is not an essential skill for a flamenco guitarist, but useful nonetheless.

Each lesson will be accompanied by professional worksheets with musical notation (including detailed fingerings) alongside tablature and video links for you to download or watch online. The interactive aspect of the course is very important and time will be set aside each week for questions, to monitor your progress and offer individual advice.

In addition to learning the basic compás, lessons are aimed at developing techniques which are suitable for playing all styles of flamenco. During the first half of the year we will focus on learning to play 'soleares' and after that we will move on to learn the 'bulerĂ­as' (slowly at first). [Being able to play soleares and bulerĂ­as was an entry requirement for the 1st Year at the conservatory.] Examples from other flamenco styles may also be introduced during the course to illustrate techniques.

No more than 8 students in a class.


Golpeador Required (can be improvised)
Capo Required (within a few weeks)
Metronome Required (an online app will do)
Music Stand Recommended (when reading printed worksheets)

For further information on this course please email: nick@123flamenco.com

Beyond the Foundation Course

1st Year (tientos, seguiriyas, tangos) ‐ coming soon

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