An Overview of the Guitar Study Program

This page is intended to give you some perspective of the long term goals of the guitar courses and shine a light on the pathway ahead. Below you will find a list of the main flamenco styles covered on the entire study program. Each course follows on from the previous and will be made available at an appropriate date.

Elementary Guitar Courses

Courses SG1 to SG4 are a series of short courses which incorporate simple guitar arrangements of Spanish music to get you started. Each course lasts for six weeks. Not all of the music is flamenco, but the arrangements are easy to play and suitable for beginners interested in learning to play flamenco. An additional course (SG5) may be added in 2024. This material is subject to change in the future.

Course Code Study Material
SG1 verdiales, malagueñas, farruca, zorongo, Asturias
SG2 campanilleros, danza mora, peteneras, farruca, Boleras de la Cuchacha, zapateado
SG3 garrotín, El Vito, sevillanas, tanguillo de Cádiz
SG4 la caña, sevillanas, rumba, Córdoba

Flamenco Guitar Courses

The flamenco foundation course (FFC) and the follow‐up courses (FY1 to FY5) move at a faster pace: covering each new style of flamenco in detail. The level of difficulty increases each year. Some styles are inherently more demanding than others and therefore appear later, in years 4 and 5. A lot of basic material exists for the styles covered in the first three years, so (in theory) these styles could be studied at any stage in your development. The order in which the styles appear here is simply due to the fact that they have been incorporated into a progressive study program. These courses do not include every style of flamenco that exists; however, by the end of the third year you will have gained a deep understanding of the important elements within the main rhythmic styles. Some styles which are not part of the main course may be touched upon briefly.

Course Code Flamenco Styles
FFC soleares, bulerías
FY1 tientos, seguiriyas, tangos
FY2 fandangos de Huelva, sevillanas, alegrías
FY3 guajiras, soleá por bulerías, tarantas* OR malagueñas**
FY4 malagueñas** OR tarantas*, peteneras, granaínas
FY5 mineras, rondeña

* tarantas includes tarantos / ** malagueñas includes verdiales

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